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Cut down on phone calls, faxes, and paperwork. Spend more quality time for patients and find joy in your work again.

Cut down the volume of phone calls, faxes, and paperwork you have to keep up with.

Your patients’ specialty medication process information is all in one place.

Keep up with all your patients’ status whether your practice has 1 office or 100+.

Get TOTAL visibility into your patients’ specialty medications.

See new prescriptions and where your patients are in the specialty medication process.

Access patient statuses from prior authorization to appeal – and every step in between.

Drill down on all patients’ details including orders, current authorizations, and copays, as well as shipment tracking numbers.

Quickly prioritize actions, discontinue reliance on outdated fax machine technology + physical paperwork, and get back to helping your patients succeed.

Know who and what needs attention with ‘Action Required’ notifications on refills. It’s all here.

Ditch the fax machine! Upload documentation directly to the BioPlus onboarding team for faster time to treatment.

Plus get fast and easy access to BioPlus referral forms.

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BioPlus has earned the industry’s highest Google rating from patients with 4.8 stars.

BioPlus delivers the first of its kind 2 hour patient acceptance guarantee and 24-hour ready to ship guarantee.

BioPlus earned a coveted spot on Money.com’s ‘5 Best’ list as one of the best online pharmacies of 2020 (and the only specialty pharmacy to make the grade).

Are you a busy practice that prescribes a lot of specialty medications?

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Know where your patients are through the entire specialty medication process – whether your practice has 1 office or 100+.
Easily drill down on all patients’ details.
Keep patients happy with a click or two. Quickly prioritize actions and know who and what needs attention – right now.
Ditch the fax machine and endless paperwork. Upload documentation for faster onboarding – fast and easy.